For four decades, European Art Glass has served commercial customers and the residential discerning homeowner. With various styles of mirror, coloured and textured glass to select from, they supply custom products that fit any bathroom vanity, kitchen, backsplash, partition, door and stairway insert requirement.

Whether you’re looking to match a preexisting design or create a new signature look that meets your desired effect, they can create your stained glass or laminated and sandblasted works of art.

Should you need a repair or restoration, from cabinet glass to a painted church window, they have the expertise to ensure it will return to its original and complimentary form. Insurance claims are accepted.

So find inspiration in their stunning gallery and view a beautiful selection of products with a wide variety of options. Their business is proven to deliver craftsman quality and face-to-face service in every project. European Art Glass is your glass professional and they are happy to serve you. Make them your glass solution and your preferred choice, today!